weighing in

All right, so today is day 1! I will be posting progress photos as I go along and hopefully notice some positive changes, so here are my first ones. I will also be posting what I eat everyday in order to be more aware and keep myself accountable. Hopefully I can start calorie-counting and weighing my portions too, but I have to prep for that first.

Weigh-In: 68.6 kilograms / about 150 pounds

Breakfast: Smoothie made of 6 strawberries, 1 kiwi, some pineapple, 1/4 block soft tofu, a handful spinach, 8 cashews, milk and plain yogurt. This made a lot, so I split it in half with Evan (my hubby).

Lunch: The “healthy choice” bento my high school provides was made up of a large meatball on a small bed of noodles, nimono gobo, daikon tsukemono, tamagoyaki, bean sprout salad, the rice with the beans and seeds cooked in that I can never remember the name of, and a wedge of orange. I also had Sahale Snacks (maple pecans) for dessert, along with a black coffee.

Workout: Today I joined some of my students for handball practice. It was half me making an ass out of myself and half running around on the field and working up a sweat in the humid afternoon heat. It reminded me a lot of my lacrosse days during high school. I almost forgot what it was like to play a team sport!

Dinner: A VERY large taco salad made up of half a head of lettuce, about a cup of cooked veggies and ground beef in cumin and chili powder, a whole avocado, a sprinkle of shredded cheese, and a ton of fresh salsa I made last night.

Dessert: Yeah, I couldn’t resist it. You see, I made wayyy too much frosting this past weekend for my friend Kohji’s birthday cake, and all the extra is just sitting there in my fridge tempting me. So of course I pulled out three wheat biscuits (McVitie’s, 70 calories each) and covered them with that deliciousness.


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