karaoke nights

Breakfast: Smoothie made of a handful of spinach, 4 strawberries, a frozen banana, plain yogurt, milk, a heaping spoonful of peanut butter, unsweetened cocoa powder, and some honey. Yum!

Lunch: The healthy choice bento from my school which included 2 pieces of karaage, tamagoyaki, a rice noodle salad, nimono potatoes, takana, and rice with greens cooked in. I was disappointed from a health standpoint by the fried chicken, by my taste buds were happy!

Snack: A cup of black coffee and a cup of green tea, some Sahale maple pecans, and two of those little flavored cheeses I love so much.

Workout: Although I have done a lot of walking and running around to, in, and from school, no workout for me today! I am surprisingly sore from handball practice yesterday (arms from the throwing and catching and legs from the sprints, I am guessing). Even though I know I should do something more, the combination of that soreness with the humidity and heat have beaten me down.

Dinner: This week has been incredibly long for both Evan and I, and since his new work is doing so well he decided to treat me to a dinner out at our favorite restaurant, Sukeroku! We ended up splitting three kinds of sashimi (squid, kanpachi, and salmon), potato salad, horumon (pig intestines) with cabbage, onions and garlic (forgive my incredibly blurry picture of it), and some rice. We followed it up with a visit to our favorite snack karaoke bar Kasuga. Kasuga always provides tons of snacks (which is why it’s a snack bar), and though we didn’t eat all of it, I did nibble on the chocolate, cheese, and an umeboshi! Aside from the food I drank two pints of Kirin and one large bottle of Asahi. Not exactly the most healthy meal, but it was delicious and it felt well-deserved! Not to mention it is always a pleasure visiting our favorite local restaurant/bar owners 😀


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