whole30 day 3

I apologize in advance for the super text-heavy post today! A lot of thoughts were running through my head and I just threw them together here with no editing. For those of you who actually read this post, I am impressed.

Breakfast: Very similar to yesterday’s but with a few alterations. Rather than sausage I used some of the steak leftover from yesterday’s lunch. I also just used one egg instead of two since it was so filling! I don’t think I got enough fruit yesterday, so I had a half an apple and quarter of an orange on the side. I also made another of those coconut coffees and blended it until it was good and frothy with cinnamon. It felt like a latte; it was so good! On the train to work now, and I do still feel incredibly full. I should definitely tone down the portions again tomorrow. I am thinking less meat…?

Lunch: Today I had basically the same lunch as yesterday except minus the cucumbers and tomatoes, plus half an apple and quarter orange (which is why I didn’t photograph it). This lunch used up the last of my steak, so I am going to have to cook up another protein in bulk to throw on some greens. I am thinking sautéing a bunch of shrimp with lots of garlic next.

Dinner: A big bowl of that pork stew from the other night! Seriously so delicious.

Comments: I didn’t wake up with a headache or anything and I am really surprised about it. The day before I started Whole 30 I definitely had a bit of a junk food binge (which I didn’t write about because I didn’t want to admit it), so I was thinking that I would get hit with  a big ol’ sugar and carb hangover pretty hard right about now. I expect it any day now…

I have noticed that these meals really do leave me full longer. I ate my breakfast at at 7am, didn’t snack at all, and wasn’t even all that hungry when I started in on my lunch at 1pm. I guess rice, bread, and sugar really are as empty as they say. The other thing is though that I feel like my portions are huge right now. So I looked at some blogs and Whole 30 forums, and from their feedback (there are a lot of newbies who feel like they are overeating too) I now think I am not eating enough!

The bottom line, I think, is to actually listen to my body and be more mindful of what my stomach is saying to me rather than what my brain is saying (which is pretty much a constant murmur of “eateateateateatmoremore”). Basically, I should eat when I am hungry, then stop when I am full. This is such an obvious/natural concept that I really have never been able to grasp….

Also, read this article about 6 common mistakes people make while doing Whole 30 and it was pretty helpful. Lastly, even though I am not working out super hard right now, this article may come in hand for when I finally get into that workout groove (which will be soon, I hope).


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