I have been eating sausages, canned tuna, and canned coconut milk, but I don’t know if they are Whole 3o compliant… Ahh!! I have a pretty good excuse though. I can’t read the damn food labels! I realize now that being unable to read food labels here has thrown a veil over my eyes. It has been sort of like “what I don’t know can’t hurt me.” Which obviously is not true! It wasn’t until I was reviewing the site for some recipe ideas when I saw the rules again and thought, “Oh wait, what IS in my processed foods??” Thankfully the tuna, sausages, and coconut milk are the only three processed things with mysterious contents I have eaten since starting Whole 30.

So I did a lot of research just now and I was able to find a few resources to help me. One resource is this help card from WaNavi which is filled with great phrases, and it’s portable. Another is Surviving in Japan’s Ultimate Guide to Reading Food Labels in Japan. I also checked on an English-Japanese dictionary for these prime suspects:

亜硫酸塩   (ありゅうさんしお)   sulfites

カラギーナン   carrageenan

グルタミン酸ナトリウム   (グルタミンさんなトロリアム)  /  味の素   (あじのもと)   both of these are different ways to write monosodium glutamate (MSG)

砂糖   (さとう)   sugar (tip: look for that second kanji on labels because it means sucrose, fructose, or glucose generally

I have to be honest though. If the tuna and sausages I have been eating have secret soy or sugar, sure I’ll cut them out. I’ll also look for compliant brands, but if I can’t find them then all right. No more sausage and tuna for me. But if the coconut milk I’ve been drinking isn’t compliant because of sulfites? AND I can’t find a brand of coconut milk that is compliant here in Japan? Well, that may have to be the one compromise I make during my Whole 30. I am at work thinking about this, and when I get home I will check the ingredients label on my coconut milk…

How do people weigh in on this? Do you think I would be selling myself short if I continue drinking coconut milk that doesn’t adhere to the Whole 30 no-sulfites rule? And if my coconut milk does turn out to be non-compliant, and you do think that I should eliminate it from my diet, where can I find the good stuff?? Please keep in mind that I live in Japan, so there are loads of things that I just can’t find here! Are there any affordable websites that deliver to Japan? Does anyone out there go so far as to think think that my “trangressions” warrant a restart?

Any and all tips and opinions are appreciated! Thank you!


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