whole30 day 5 (late)

Breakfast: I feel no explanation is necessary because I have been eating some variation on the same breakfast every morning all week! And you can look at the pretty picture.

After breakfast, Evan, Vicki, and I all went outside and did some yard work. We were only out for three or less hours, but the sun and humidity were so high that I worked up a crazy sweat and got a bit of a workout. I am really happy we got some of the yard done though! The front looks so much nicer!

Snack: My post workout snack was an iced green tea, hardboiled egg, and some mixed fresh fruit (slices of pineapple, kiwi, and a couple cherries).

After ward Evan and I went to Omuta for a quick peak at Omuta Shrine. Omuta is the rundown old city were I work, and I really love it. The shrine was tucked into a little corner of the city sort of near the station, and we were able to get a goshuin (shrine stamp and calligraphy) too.

Late Lunch/Early Dinner: It’s 5pm by now and I am hungry, so Evan and I decide to meet Vicki, Mikayla, and Johnny for a bite at a local izakaya. Thankfully I was able to find some things that I could eat! So my dinner consisted of two grilled meat sticks (one pork and one chicken), a couple small grilled fish (shishamo), a whole sliced tomato, and a light unseasoned stir fry of spinach and mushrooms with green tea. Dining out victory!

Mikayla received some tickets to small bamboo candle lit concert in Miyama, so off we went! It was certainly a curious little event, very local. The lights were really beautiful, but the duet who performed (a vocal and piano duo) were a little lackluster, so we decided to head home during intermission and find something else to do closer to home.

First off we went to the standing bar Gannosu. I really love that joint, but I have to admit that if you minus the beer and the delicious breaded cheese and meat goodness, it really isn’t as satisfying! I was really thankful to have Mikayla with me though, since we could both stand around and chat over our oolong teas while the others got a couple beers under their belts.

Then off to karaoke at Kasugi! It was a pleasure as always seeing all the oldies in their drunken element and being able to belt some cute Japanese songs. Last night’s crew was really great for Kasuga too, since everyone was willing and capable to sing some great songs which everyone in the bar enjoyed. I was really proud of myself too, because despite how hungry I started to get I was still able to resist all the lovely snacks (chips and chocolate and umeboshi and kimchi oh my) that were sitting on the table and calling my name.

Midnight Meal: At about 12:30am we all headed home, by which point I was ravenous. Once at the house I raided the fridge and found some of that chicken soup from earlier in the week I made, heated that up, and enjoyed it with some more fresh fruit. Evan and I stayed up for a couple hours dilly-dallying on the PS4, watching Conan and late night television, before finally passing out around 2 or 2:30am.

Comments: Okay, so today definitely wasn’t a picture perfect day in the Whole 30 lifestyle. It was really heavy on the meat and fruits, light on the veggies, my meals weren’t properly spaced out, I ate way too late in the evening and too close to bedtime, and all of this was due to the fact that I didn’t prepare a Whole 30 emergency food kit even though I knew I was going out and wasn’t sure where my next meal was coming from. BUT I never broke. The temptation was there, but I never once let myself give in. And for that I am really proud. I also learned a lot. I learned that preparing snacks that are Whole 30 compliant is well and truly important. I also learned that if you scour the menu and talk to the staff, you can probably find a little somethin’ somethin’ to tide you over at least a bit. The biggest thing I realized though is that I don’t need junk food or alcohol to have a good time as long as I am in good company doing good things.


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