whole30 day 6 (late)

Breakfast: Woke up starving and made a huge breakfast stir fry with veggies, sweet potatoes, and sausage with a fried egg. I also made a sort of pico de gallo tossed with avocado to top it with too. Yummy and filling. After breakfast Evan and I played Uncharted 4 for a verrry long time….

Snack: A couple hours later I was still feeling a bit sleepy, so I made myself a coconut milk coffee… because guess what — my coconut milk turns out to be compliant! I was very excited about this.

I am writing this a day late, so my memory is a bit hazy because all of my food is beginning to blend together, but I don’t think I ate anything again until just before and after my Zumba class later in the evening. Beforehand I had a hard boiled egg and half an orange, then afterward I had yet another hardboiled egg, the other half of the orange, and also a small handful of nuts and coconut shavings. Zumba itself was really fun! Vicki and Mikayla came with me, and everyone dancing had such great energy throughout! I definitely worked up a solid sweat, but it didn’t feel like work at all.

Dinner: I was far too tired to cook, so I ate leftovers! A pork chop with that plum sauce from the other night, and the last of the vegetable soup from earlier in the week.

Comments: Today really was not all that exciting when it comes to food, and boy did I feel it. I was feeling really tired and lethargic all day, but I can’t tell if that’s the diet or the lack of sleep. When I looked at the Whole30 Timeline again that was posted on the site, it says that day 6 and 7 are the days when all you want is a nap. Well, I can certainly agree with that.


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