whole30 day 9

Breakfast: (7:15am) The usual vegetable and egg fry up with a few slices of bacon. Topped it with some kimchi and had green tea to wash it down.

Lunch: (1pm) I definitely didn’t eat enough at lunch. I thawed a frozen bowl of that autumnal pork stew from a week back, and it was just as yummy as the day I made it. I also got a salad from the conbini that had daikon, lettuce, carrot, etcetera, but for some reason I just cannot put down a raw green salad these days. I could only eat about a quarter of it.

Dinner: (7pm) A bit of leftover vegetables from breakfast, a fried egg, some prosciutto, and a chopped tomato. I am still feeling pretty sick  of the whole cooking thing right now, but I think that after a little while of sitting on the couch I might be able to work up the energy to do some dishes and whip up a giant stir fry or soup that can last me a few days.

Snack: Had a kind of late night snack of a banana, an orange, and a couple dried dates.

Comments: All right, I did indeed work up the gumption to cook something for the next couple of days. I made a large pot of Thai-style curry with chicken, zucchini, carrot, pineapple, onion, and red peppers. For spices I used curry powder, fish sauce, salt and pepper, lemon grass, whole dried chili pepper, and pumpkin spice (just for kicks, and because I love opening the bottle for a chance to smell it). I wish I knew I was going to make this ahead of time, because I would have picked up either some fresh or dried basil too… Well, hopefully tomorrow when I eat it I remember to take a photo of it! Fingers crossed it tastes good and lasts me a few days!


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