whole30 day 10 — 1/3 finished!

Breakfast: (pictured) Vegetable fry-up with a fried egg, prosciutto, and diced tomatoes.

Lunch: A big bowl of coconut milk curry with chicken, pineapple, zucchini, onions, and spinach. The lesson I learned? Don’t use zucchini in recipes like this because they are too delicate and break down after an hour of stewing.

Snack: (pictured) Chopped banana and orange topped with shredded coconut and a small handful of nuts.

Dinner: Evan and I decided to go out to dinner. I ended up having some tuna sashimi, a bacon and shiso-wrapped yamaimo, shishamo, bonijiri (those last three were all yakitori), and green salad (hold the dressing) — none of which I photographed, I’m sorry! For some reason I just cannot remember to do that lately!

Comments: So I am a third of the way through this thing. I haven’t reached that “boundless energy” stage of the diet that I’ve heard so much about, but that’s probably my own fault since I keep terrible hours, stay up late, and wake up early. When I look at myself in the mirror though I feel like my face and waist are both looking leaner. It can’t just be me because Evan said he can see a difference in my face too.

On a different note, I realized today is that I have really pinpointed what I am crazing right now. I really really REALLY want my mother’s samporado. For anyone who hasn’t heard of it before, samporado (or champorado) is a sweet chocolate rice pudding made with sticky rice and cocoa powder. You eat it topped with evaporated milk and it reminds me so much of sitting at the kitchen table with my mom eating a whole pot of it and giving my big brother John shit for not liking it and saying, “More for us!” Honestly, every time my mom makes samporado we all have that same exact conversation. I can just hear my dad calling out from the couch, “All you girls in this family love samporado, don’t you?” and just laughing. (He says that every time because my two sisters love samporado too.) Such a small but heart-filling memory. And Lord, I would love some samporado right now…


I am so ready for the weekend. This past week has been rather busy and stressful at work, and I am looking forward to a chance to reset things back home and catch a breather. Well, good night all. I am off to my chocolate rice pudding dream land.


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