whole30 day 14

Long time no write! Here’s a short rundown over the past few days:

In terms of food I have been all right! Breakfast every morning has been the same veggie fry up with an egg and either a couple sausage or a bit of bacon, coconut coffee on the side. Lunches have been mostly bananas with nuts and coconut shavings, or leftover veggies from breakfast. Dinners have been more difficult, but not totally terrible either. I have been still eating only meat, fish, and vegetables with no wheat, rice or soy directly, but some salads and meats have had sauces and dressings with questionable ingredients. I am guessing most have had probably a bit of sugar and a skosh of soy..? Maybe. I am really not sure. You know what thought?  Die-hard Whole 30-ers might condemn me for this, but I am not starting over! Yes, I made a choice to eat sauces that may or may not contain non-compliant ingredients. And perhaps I won’t get 100% of the benefits this diet promises, but I have to be honest with myself. I am feeling pretty healthy, and the biggest benefit I want from this diet is weight loss! It is 1:30am on a work night, so maybe I will wake up tomorrow and shake my head over what I wrote while exhausted. But I am not starting over! And without further ado I am going to bed. My short rundown is really more of a half-asleep ramble. Will write more tomorrow. Good night!



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