JLPT recipe for disaster?

Oh lord, so I haven’t been studying at all and the JLPT Exam is THIS SUNDAY. How did I let myself get this far without studying at all?!?!? I am really quite upset and ashamed of myself for not putting forth more effort. I feel as though I could be so much further along with my language proficiency if I only tried! But I suppose that’s true of basically everything, huh.

I looked back at my previous N4 result from last summer and saw that I was only 14 points off from a passing score. I have to believe that my Japanese skills have grown by at least 14 points in a year’s time…. Right?! Of course I’ve improved at least that much…

Well, in case I haven’t, starting today I am going to be studying my ass off like crazy. Here are some of the resources that I am going to force-feed my brain over the next few days:

  1. NHK Easy News for practice reading large chunks of text in Japan,
  2. NHK Easy News Translations by the folks of Reddit to know if I’m right or not,
  3. and my White Rabbit flash cards for learning kanji and vocabulary. Has anyone tried Wanikani? I am interested in it, but I am not sure if it is worth the money.
  4. I am using JapanesePod101 for listening practice (I used my iPhone podcast app to download episodes for free).
  5. I am using books too. にほんご500問 N4-5 is good for answering questions exam-style,
  6. げんき2 is good for in-depth grammar explanations,
  7. and lastly a JLPT N4 book with complete mock exams, the title of which I cannot decipher and share with you, unfortunately.
  8. I also have apps like Memrise, Quizlet, and StudyBlue on my phone, though I have to be honest and say that they don’t really appeal to me for some reason.

Let the cramming commence!!!


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