whole30 day 15 – halfway mark! (late)

Breakfast: Chicken curry I made last week and am trying to eat before it goes bad! Also a coconut coffee.

Lunch: More of that chicken curry, plus a sliced banana topped with a small handful of nuts and shredded coconut. I washed it down with some green tea.

Workout: None! I told myself that I would, but since I also had Chess English (an adult English class) in the late evening, and I wanted to cook some food to last me a couple days, and also the allure of Sons of Anarchy was too much to pass up, I didn’t work out! Definitely working out tomorrow…

Snack: Two dried figs and a handful of beef jerky.

Dinner: I made a beef and vegetable stir that was quite yummy.

Comments: Right now I am sitting at work researching travel tips about traveling in Myanmar and Laos rather than doing actual work, like grading the millions of essays that I have stacked on my desk! It is far more interesting looking up information about ballooning over Bagan, sleeping in treehouses in tropical forest canopies, 400 meter ziplines, and giant Buddhas and temples.


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