whole30 day 16

Breakfast: 2 pieces bacon, 1 fried egg, kimchi, potato/egg salad with the homemade mayo and green onions, and black coffee.

Lunch: Leftover beef and broccoli stir fry from last night with more of that potato salad, a banana and small handful of nuts.

Workout: AbRipper with Vicki and Mikayla and some pushups.

Dinner: Salad wraps with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, prosciutto, red pepper and hot sauce with just a bit more potato salad on the side. And then a banana and some nuts with a spoonful of coconut cream for dessert.

Comments: I haven’t made good on that promise to take more pictures of interesting food, mostly because my food lately has been rather repetitive and boring. I am busy tomorrow night because of a meeting with Evan and Fiona to discuss our winter travel and booking plans for Laos and Myanmar, but hopefully I have some time to pick up groceries so that I can make some new and different meals during my last two weeks doing Whole 30.

Other than that, Evan and I did two parts of a mock N4 Exam, the listening part and the vocabulary and grammar parts. The listening part felt pretty all right, but the grammar and almost any problems requiring knowledge of kanji and their readings was incredibly difficult for me. I guess it is the luck of the draw though. Maybe the test will contain words and phrases I’m familiar with. Maybe not. All I can do is get my eyes and ears used to reading and listening in test format, cram as much as I can into my wee brain, and hope for the best!

Good night ya’ll!


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