whole30 day 22

Breakfast: The very last of the chili I made a few days ago, fried ham, and stir fried zucchini and eggplant with a small handful of nuts.

Lunch: Some of the stir fried zucchini and eggplant from breakfast with the last two meatballs. 

Pre-Workout Snack: A hardboiled egg and a small handful of nuts.

Workout: Ran to the park and back (about a mile and a 1/4 total) and did two sets of the following reps with Mikayla and Vicki.

  1. One-legged calf raises (15 reps per leg)
  2. Step-ups on a park bench (15 reps per leg)
  3. Tap downs on about a 5 or 6 inch step (15 reps per leg)
  4. Squats (15 reps)
  5. Scissor planks (15 reps)
  6. Inchworms with a jump (10 reps)
  7. Push-Ups (15 reps)
  8. Tricep dips on a park bench (15 reps)
  9. Negative Chin-Up “Relay” (5 reps)

The park where the girls and I workout has a big toy with some monkey bars. Since one of our goals is to work up to doing a pull-up, we’ve decided to work a lot on those bars.

A chin-up is when you pull yourself up with your palms facing towards yourself gripping the bar. This is called an underhand grip. If you grip the bar with your palms facing away from you it’s called an overhand grip, and it’s much more difficult. That’s a proper pull-up.

A negative chin-up is a step in the progression ladder to doing a proper pull-up. You grip the bar and get into the top-most chin-up position and, as slowly as you can, lower yourself into a dead hang (hanging from the bar with arms straight). I am hoping that if we pair this move with the flexed arm hang, after a couple of months we will make some progress! And since I’m in the explaining mood, a flexed arm hang is when you get into the top-most chin-up position and hold yourself there for as long as possible.

Dinner: I found cilantro at the store so I made a huge jar of pineapple salsa. I also made from coleslaw and a stir fry of asparagus, mushrooms, shrimp, garlic, and butter. I had a little bit of it all with a small steamed potato. Hopefully I made enough to portion out tomorrow for breakfast and lunch! 


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