whole30 day 27 (late)

Breakfast: Two sausages, a fried egg with salsa, pickled cucumber and carrots, and roasted cherry tomatoes with a coconut coffee.

After breakfast Vicki and I ran out to the farmer’s market nearby. I can’t believe today was the first time I ever went. The selection was really great and the prices were really reasonable. I got a lot of stuff, including fresh lemongrass and Thai basil! It was a little disappointing not to also find cilantro, but any exotic herbs are a major win in my book.

My friend Fumiji came by and picked up Vicki and I to go over to her place and make some umeboshi and umeshu. Fumiji is so generous and ended up giving both Vicki and I so much stuff, and talking with her was lovely as usual.

Dinner: Finding the lemongrass and Thai basil inspired me to make some Tom Kha Gai (Thai chicken coconut soup). If you have all the ingredients this recipe is incredibly easy. Just put everything in a pot, bring it to a boil, then let it simmer for 20 minutes. To amp up the vegetables I also added chopped tomatoes and sliced onion. I also doubled the chili This is absolutely delicious and I had two big servings, which was way too much but the awesome flavor and the fact that I skipped lunch warranted seconds.

Late night snack: Two frozen bananas and  spoonful of… Skippy peanut butter! I know I know, my Whole 30 isn’t over yet, but I ran out of mix nuts and needed a little sumthin sumthin to jazz up my sweet!


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