Gallery: whole30 day 28 (late)

Breakfast: Goya champuru! Last night Fumiji gave me a bitter melon (Japanese: goya, Tagalog: ampalaya), so I decided to make the famous Okinawan dish with it. It is basically an egg scramble with sliced bitter melon and pork. I also added chopped cherry tomatoes. Really yummy! Had a coconut coffee on the side.

Lunch: Today was the JET Farewell barbecue in the Chikugo area, and it was hosted here at my jutaku by Jennifer. Not so many people came, but everyone brought awesome food. I was really excited because there were tons of things for me to eat too! Pictured above on my plate is some salad green, grilled vegetable, grilled Mediterranean-spiced patties made by Jennifer which were so so good, some watermelon and some pineapple. I also had some lovely grilled chicken too, and probably ate much more than I should have. I was sad to pass up the coconut cornbread and the brownies, but glad I resisted!

Zumba:  I took off from the barbecue early to go to zumba with Johnny, Mikayla, Vicki, and Fiona. It was super fun, as usual. The instructor for this class was a lady and her zumba club is called SmiRing. Her class was a little bit more high energy and intense than the Tsuna Circle class, which was a nice change and I enjoyed it. Worked up a pretty intense sweat and felt really good afterward.

Dinner: Dinner was a bit of a hodge-podge… I took some of the barbecue home with me (a meat patty, grilled onion, and pineapple) so I had that right when I got home. I didn’t get really hungry again until really late, and I didn’t want to have another actual meal so I ended up just eating a spoonful of peanut butter. It probably wasn’t the best thing to do, but it got me past the hunger pangs and allowed me to sleep.

Comments: After Zumba Evan and I just sat around and watched some Sons of Anarchy. We are very close to finishing the final season, so we’ve been having a proper binge pretty much nightly. I should’ve worked on my drawing for With Two Sugars… But I will do that tomorrow!


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