whole30 day 29

Breakfast: Ham steak, cherry tomatoes, a small potato, mushrooms, and an egg all fried together in one skillet with a little salt and pepper, plus a coconut coffee on the side.

Lunch: Some of that Tom Kha Gai soup from the other night and a fresh peach.Dinner: Roasted carrots and asparagus with parsley, and pork chops marinated in chopped garlic, basil, lemon juice, and olive oil.

Comments: I went shopping after work and bought a bunch of stuff to deal with the humidity and rainy season. Then I did some work cleaning my filthy gas range. After watching a bit of American Horror Story I made dinner, then finished up my belated drawing for With Two Sugars (I’ll post it here tomorrow). Now I am closing out my night with Evan watching Sons of Anarchy. We are SO CLOSE to finishing it! AHHH


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