drawing of 5 important objects

important artifacts 2 REALLY FINAL

1. Money tree in a ceramic pot. This plant is the first plant I bought when I got here to Japan. I thought I had killed it the first winter I was here, so I stuck it outside on my balcony and forgot about it. It wasn’t until much later while poking around outside I found it again. Alive and well, despite my long neglect. It’s been thriving ever since.

2. Large Gudetama plush toy. I’m not even a huge Gudetama fan, but this plush is so sweet to come home to sitting on the couch. He is large, shiny gold, and makes me smile. He also reminds me of my friend V who’s recently fallen for him pretty hard and has started her own collection of Gudetama memorabilia.

 3. Wedding ring. I won’t wax poetic about love and all that stuff, but this ring is the one object I have worn every day and night for three years running. I don’t think I’ve taken it off for more than an hour at a time. It really has become a part of me.

4. Metallic orange water bottle with gingko leaf. This year marks my eleventh anniversary with this water bottle.  I take it with me every where. It’s gone with me on all my camping trips and all my trips abroad. I plan on traveling the world with this water bottle, and I really do think I’ll cry if a day ever comes when I lose it.

5. A fork. Honestly there’s nothing particularly fancy or special about this fork, but I’m using it as a symbol for all the things I use in my kitchen daily. I am really into cooking  and enjoy making nice meals for people. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am incredibly passionate about food, and that’s what this fork is meant to represent.

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