whole30 day 30!

Breakfast: Ham steak, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, okra, and an egg all fried together in one skillet with a side of veggie pickles. I had no time to grind any coffee this morning (nooooo, damn my oldschool handgrinder!) so I had a mug of lemongrass koucha tea.

Lunch: Salad greens, sliced peppers and cucumbers, topped with the leftover lemon-garlic porkchop I made last night. I made a little balsamic vinagrette to go with it. Also had a couple cups of green tea and a small handful of nuts.

Snack: A TERRIBLE danish! It looked like a lovely thing with chocolate, all flaky. It was given to me by a teacher at school. It was soft, flaky, and smelled like butter, but it was also sweet in a really un-yummy way. It was all chemically to me, and unnatural. It was probably not the best reintroduction to sweets because it was well below the my quality standards.

Workout: Ran a mile and a half with Vicki. What I noticed most is that even though I had eaten that danish thing a couple hours beforehand, it was like a solid rock in my stomach. I felt so heavy and weighed down from it, which was really not fun for a run.

Dinner: The last of my Tom Kha Gai soup, but I love it so much and it is so easy that I think I may make it again tomorrow.

Snack: A medium-sized piece of milk chocolate with nuts and fruit. I ate this while Evan and I wound down and watched the final episode of Sons of Anarchy. It was a horrible final episode! But I suppose that’s a topic for a different blog post entirely. This piece of chocolate was heavenly. It was creamy, sweet, rich, and delicious and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Comments: I don’t really know what to say about it all yet. I am a little surprised it’s over. It most certainly wasn’t perfect, and I could have done much better. But I still did it reasonable well. I checked in with my scale again and weight in at just about the same as a couple weeks ago, which means a total weight loss of about 9 pounds or 4 kilograms. When I look in the mirror though I can see a difference. My face looks just a bit thinner, and my waist and stomach look a little smaller too. I’ve done some research on where to go from here, but seeing as it’s late I will get into that tomorrow. Good night!


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