Quote: n’est-ce pas?

     He smiled. “I do not think I have a home there any more.”

And then: “No. I would not like to go to Italy – perhaps after all, for the same reason you do not want to go to the United States.”

“But I am going to the United States,” I said, quickly. And he looked at me. “I mean, I’m certainly going to go back there one of these days.”

“One of these days,” he said. “Everything bad will happen – one of these days.”

“Why is it bad?”

He smiled, “Why, you will go home and then you will find that home is not home any more. Then you will really be in trouble. As long as you stay here, you can always think: One day I will go home.” He played with his thumb and grinned. “N’est-ce pas?”

— James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room


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