Gallery: daijayama festival, omuta

I missed Omuta’s biggest festival twice, so this summer I promised myself I wouldn’t miss it! And I am glad I didn’t because Daijayama didn’t disappoint. Not only did I get a chance to wear yukata, but I also got to dance the Tankou Bushi and Daijayama Bayashi (which was actually written by Kohji’s grandfather’s brother, whoa) in the festival parade with my Miike High School students. Unfortunately it was difficult to photograph so I don’t have any pitcutres of the dacing, but I can tell you it was pretty fun. Afterward Evan, Fiona, Kohji and I roamed the festival watching the floats pass by with beers in hand. It was a really great (and eventually pretty rowdy, though I won’t get into that) night.


One thought on “Gallery: daijayama festival, omuta

  1. Those pictures were beautiful. Your yukata was slammin’! If I ever go to Japan someday, I want to buy one too. You’re too cute. As for the rowdy aftermath I am now very curious about the mysterious deets. 😉


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