Gallery: exploring northern kyushu

Spent Saturday in Kitakyushu with Johnny, Mikayla, Vicki and Evan wearing yukata, seeing Kokura Castle, and experiencing the Wasshoi Hyakuman Natsu Matsuri (the biggest festival in Kita-q), then Sunday biking around Mojiko and walking through an underwater tunnel to Shimonoseki with Evan. It was so great to be by the ocean again, and I caught so many water-type Pokemon too! It was a lovely, magical, and totally tiring weekend and I had so much fun. And look how pretty we all look!


3 thoughts on “Gallery: exploring northern kyushu

  1. It must have truly been a magical experience! Those pictures! Your lovely friends and their yukata too, all so beautiful! That festival looked so fun and I bet all the food was yummy too. Wow, great job on the pictures. You’ll have so many happy memories. I miss you!


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