baby steps

For those of you who didn’t take the time to read my last post, here’s the nutshell: I failed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N4 by a mere three points, and this failure inspired me to give myself a swift kick in the pants so that I could shrug off my complacency and refocus my priorities.

In mid-July I made my 30 before 30 list. At the time I thought I was being very ambitious. I said to myself, “Look at all these goals I have! I am clearly a very driven and assertive person. Go me!” I took a bow, there was applause, and then… Now what? For starters, those things aren’t going to do themselves! I had ignored the most crucial part of making a list of goals: figuring out how to actually go about achieving them.

I can imagine most people, especially Evan haha, shaking their heads at me right about now. Let’s recap: So when you decide you want to do a thing you actually like have to go about doing it or something? To most people this isn’t an epiphany, it’s the most basic common sense! Trust me, I hear you, and I’m shaking my head too. I suppose I somehow made it this far without having to think too hard about real goal-setting. Maybe that’s because my path had been pretty clear to me in the past, but now it no longer is; I’m not sure. Regardless of why, believe me when I say I really wish I had developed these skills earlier.

Not everyone actually labors over goal-setting though. There are those out there who can probably put their mind to whatever it is and just get it done, no problem, and certainly no long-winded blog posts necessary. Then again there are probably just as many if not more people for whom goal-setting is also about being specific, breaking down all the hows, making time-sensitive lists and mini-goals, and parceling out each piece of information into bite-sized pieces until it’s finally finished. I am definitely in this latter group. Wherever you are on that spectrum, I want to acknowledge that it takes a great deal of mental fortitude and determination to get shit done, so I congratulate you no matter what your methods are.

Well, I have winded down to the end of yet another too-long blog post, and am wondering yet again how in the world I rambled this much. I meant to talk about the top 5 goals from my 30 before 30 list that I intend to tackle, but for the sake of brevity (believe it or not, I do know what that word means) I will make that into a separate post. Stay tuned!


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