the master drawing

graphite, watercolor, guache, and Prismacolor pencil on paper

I really enjoyed working on this drawing. It felt so alive and dynamic because I could bounce back and forth between each one of the very different film stills. Playing with the colors in each frame was really fun too, making them echo each other while maintaining their separate palettes. This drawing felt really natural while I was doing it, but still thrilling, like I was discovering proportion, color theory, and mark-making all over again. I am going to attribute this to the amazing beauty and quality of my source material…

Evan thinks I should do a drawing like this for each of P. T. Anderson’s films. It is a really nice idea… We shall see if I can actually make it come to fruition or not!


4 thoughts on “the master drawing

  1. portrait of evan & I | ヘルシー・ファイト!

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