portrait of evan & I


This week’s theme at With Two Sugars is copycat-ing an artist of your choice. I was torn between Alex Katz and early Dana Schutz, both of whom do work entirely different from my own. In the end I chose Schutz because her work is so much more vibrant, youthful and energetic. I also prefer the humor and tone of the subjects and themes in her works.

At first I tried to stay really true to her essence, but I sort of ended up doing my own thing and just used her as a sort of jumping off point. I would say my biggest struggle was being unable to mix the amazingly bright and beautiful colors she uses. You see, I am completely limited to red, blue, yellow, white and black poster paints at the moment because finding decently-sized oil or acrylic paint tubes in Japan at affordable prices has proven pretty much impossible.

Considering the limitations of my materials and how long it’s actually been since I have made a piece that wasn’t incredibly muted with a limited color palette… I am actually quite happy with this painting. It is a bit sloppy and lacks some focus, but I had a ton of fun just playing with colors and forms and making the faces at least a little bit recognizable through it all.


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