post-election feelings

the world welcomes Trump as the new President of the United States

friends are wiping tears, drinking their sorrows on the rocks and posting suicide hotline numbers as their Facebook statuses (the worst part is I think I know one or two people who just might call)

little brown children are asking their teachers, “am I even welcome here anymore?”

my sister married her girlfriend of twenty-plus years this past summer and I wonder, will their marriage be overturned so soon?

non-American people I hardly know are treating me as though I have had a death in the family (how are you holding up? is there anything I can do? are you going to be OK?)

meanwhile straight white uneducated males between the ages of twenty and thirty are celebrating the America of their dreams (and my nightmares) in droves

oh yeah, and global warming doesn’t exist

i am asking in full earnestness, how soon will this earth be unlivable? during my grandchildren’s lifetimes? my children’s lifetimes?

our new president is a spoiled inexperienced reality TV star

a sensationalist, a racist, a misogynist, a sexual predator

a fear mongering selfish prick

let’s make America great again?

I don’t know about that but I do know this

please please please

we must all treat each other with kindness and respect

tell your family and friends you love them

don’t give in to the fear anxiety anger disbelief despondency

find a way to give your feelings a voice and then use it to call out for honesty, optimism, positivity and change, no matter how difficult that may be

take a moment to forget about that orange man

remember all the things, big and small, that are worth protecting

now stop the mourning

and let’s fight like hell


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