another in progress update

Hello, WordPress world; long time no see. That’s because I have been terribly busy, as is my norm. But here is hard proof of what’s been keeping me so busy!

This drawing has come a long way since the pencil and paper state it was in on November 15… How’d it move so far so quickly? Well, I have been working on it pretty much nonstop. Let me fill you in on the details surrounding why I started in on this project.

A friend of mine told me about an exhibit/competition being held in my region. Actually, the venue is practically down the street from my apartment. She told me that anyone can enter, there are some cash prizes, and that she thought it would be a good idea for me to test drive the event this year, perhaps with a pre-existing drawing I have laying around. That way next year I could enter the competition with something new and fresh and a better idea of what the competition’s like. I said that sounded like a great idea and we decided to meet up and hash out the details.

Immediately it became obvious that I would have to create an entirely new piece. That’s because the minimum size requirement is enormous! My piece is only a little bigger than the minimum and it’s a whopping 32 x 25 inches! Not only that, but I have to frame it. Frame it!? That’ll cost a fortune, especially with a size like that!  But I decided I would make it work. Why? Because my art has always seemed to thrive when I am under immense pressure with a looming deadline to scare me. I haven’t had circumstances like these for making personal artwork since college! Maybe I am a masochist, but the thought excited me.

That night I got to brainstorming and dug out the large piece of paper tucked away in my closet I had been hanging onto for exactly this moment. The next day I put pencil to paper, and the rest is laid out before you in visual chronological order…


Yeah, there’s a bit of a progress gap here… but it just didn’t seem worth photographing during this in-between stage.

I still have a bit more to do, but I can confidently say now that I am in the home stretch. Which is good because I have to physically submit the painting, framed and everything, next week Wednesday! And if that wasn’t enough pressure, I’m going out of town bright and early Saturday morning (Autumn in Kyoto, here I come!) and won’t come back until Tuesday evening, leaving absolutely zero time to work on it until after I get home from school and just before the submission deadline on Wednesday! No wonder I’ve been working on it like a mad woman, am I right?

And whatever happened with the frame? Glad you asked… I talked with the art teachers at both of the high schools I teach at, and they came through in spades! When I asked them where I could buy a frame in the dimensions I required, they both had the exact same reaction: Why the hell are you buying a frame? That’s expensive and impractical! Just borrow one from us!! So off they went to find frames that could fit my painting. We managed to find three that could fit with slightly varying dimensions, and then they had a framer (is that a word?) come to school and give an opinion on matting. After all that was settled, I successfully picked both a mat and frame for my piece! In fact, if my piece turns out the way I hope it does, I think the frame I chose is going to be totally perfect for it. And the best part? Even though the mat is being custom made, I don’t have to pay for it! My school  offered to buy the mat as long as I donate it to them after I am finished, which is more than reasonable considering I am only borrowing its matching frame anyway! Lucky~~

Tonight I am going to sit down with my Japanese teacher and hash out my painting’s description and title in Japanese, then it’s back to my makeshift studio on the living room coffee table to try and finish this puppy! After it’s all framed and bilingually described, I will make another post on what this painting is all about with images of the finished product. Too-da-loo!


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