to be framed

After some bumbling about, misunderstandings due to my broken Japanese, and my complete inability to do anything involving numbers (somehow I measured my paper size incorrectly and as a result one side of the mat was too big by a centimeter, rendering it useless), my drawing has been sent off with the frame to the shop to have a custom mat made that will actually fit this time.

Even though discovering the mat was too big was rather stressful, in the end it had its pros. For example, not only was one of my measurements too big, but the other was too small so almost 4 centimeters of my drawing would’ve been hidden by the mat’s cropping. Now, since they have my drawing with them, they can make the mat to the absolute perfect size without me getting in the way and fucking it up. Also, I had ordered the mat in an off white color since I typically don’t like pure white. Seeing the painting up next to it though, it was clear pretty immediately that pure white is the way to go, so they’ll be amending that for me too. Another thing is since the frame lady took my drawing, there is no way for me to sit at home with it, fussing over little details and overworking it and blah blah blah. It’s totally and officially done!! So I can move on and enjoy Kyoto without thinking about it one bit. >insert sigh of relief here< Lastly, placing the drawing within the frame even for a second made me so happy — frame and drawing look like they were made for each other! I am really stoked to see the finished product. 

The one big con? I will indeed be paying for this one out of my own pocket, about $35 or so. But that is a steal compared to actually buying a frame! So I will just count my lucky stars and pipe down now.

Now I am about to pack up and leave work. I am exhausted from staying up all night, and totally ready for some Indian food and a nice cold beer tonight, then a trip out of town to immerse myself in red maple leaves and temple grounds this weekend. Later!


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